Archiv Konference COMSOL Multiphysics 2006

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Active Noise Control Mathematical Modeling

Pudovkin, A.

Analysis of Electric Field of the Electrode System Used in CTI Test by Using FEM

Erdogan, K., Kalenderli, O., Mardikyan, K.

Application of Comsol Multiphysics 3.2 to Finite Strain Viscoelasticity of an Elastomeric Solid

Marvalova, B.

Determination of the Stress and Strain State in Metallic Structures Using Piezoelectrical Transducers

Popovici, D., Paltanea, V., Paltanea, G., Jiga, G.

Educational and Industrial Myltiphysics Modelling in the Czech Republic

Bittner, K.

Educational Electronic Course "Theory of the Electromagnetic Field" on the Basis of the Program Complex COMSOL Multiphysics

Dudnikov, E., Shmelev, V., Walden, B.

Effect of Dielectric Barriers to the Electric Field of Rod-plane Air Gap

Kara, A., Kalenderli, O., Mardikyan, K.

Electric Field in Thin Film

Certik, O., Fejfar, A., Kocka, J.

Electromagnetics Resistance

Cibira, G.

Estimation of Flow Speed and Pressure Distribution in a Fishing Trawl Cod-end

Meyler, L.

FE Model of Thermo-mechanical Interaction in Rubber Block Under Dynamic Cyclic Stress

Pesek, L., Sulc, P.

Ferrofluid Heat Transfer in Channel with Porous Walls

Strek, T.

Flow Analysis for a Sorghum Brewing Fermentation Process

Owosina, T. A.

Investigation of Evaporation and Transport of Perfume Ingredients in Air with Computer Simulation Using COMSOL Multiphysics and COSMOtherm

Jarvas, G., Kondor, A., Dallos, A.

Numerical Models for Composites Reinforced by Nano-Particlec/Fibers

Stiavnicky, M., Kompis, Munjiza, A.

Optimal Electrical Design of Spherical Photovoltaic Cells

Morega, A.

Poisson Based Modeling of DC and AC Electroosmosis in Microfluidic Channels

Pribyl, M., Snita, D.

Selected Magnetostatic Analysis of 3 Coils Active Magnetic Bearing

Pilat, A.

Simulation of Electromagnetic Shielding in COMSOL Multiphysics Environment

Cuntala, J.

Space-Phase Modelling of Electromechanical Processesary Motion Machines. 2D Model Realization

Shmelev, V., Sbitnev, S.

Thermal Field Modeling for Electron Beam Welding Applicated to Disk Rotors Terminals

Bulibenchi, C., Mihaescu, G. M., Erdei, R., Patroi, E.

Trajectory Modeling of a Micro Particle in Magnetic Field for Magnetic Separators Application

Erdei, R., Kappel, W., Mihaescu, G. M., Patroi, E., Bulibenchi, C.